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Steel Structures

CCT designs, procures and fabricates steel structures to various sizes and standards with welding certified to AWS D1.1. and ASME XI.
Structures can be trial assembled and packed to sustain transport to erection site.

Quality of the works is controlled at every stage, and accompanied by third party Non-Destructive Testing.

Tanks, Equipment, Piping

CCT has capacity to fabricate wide range of carbon and stainless steel tanks, vessels, process equipment, stacks, pipe spools and many other products for construction and industrial purposes.


Biggest hot-dip galvanizing facility in West Kazakhstan region

Annual capacity: 24,000 tons of structural steelwork

Kettle dimensions allows to galvanize steel elements up to 12.5 meters in length with single dip

Zinc coating can be applied both in accordance with ASTM A123 or ISO 1461 requirements

Galvanized steel can be additionally painted with protective and/or decorative coatings


CCT uses most modern 3D modelling software —Advance Steel which assists in complete range of engineering and fabrication tasks. CCT design group and used software allows efficient communication with Clients' 3D systems such as Smart Plant, Tekla, and others — important tools for collision checks and installation accuracy

NCPOC – Bautino Base: 7000 sq.m warehouse and 18000 sq. m laydown area


Tengizchevroil – 3 Modular Process Pump Houses


Tengizchevroil – 3 Modular Process Pump Houses


Tengizchevroil – 3 Modular Process Pump Houses


Tengizchevroil / KPJV tld – Caustic carryover elimination unit and 2 process pipe racks




Atyrau Plant

12,000 m2 fabrication shop and 14 hectares of the base area with 4 rail spurs and access road located within 300 km from Tengiz and 40 km from Karabatan sites.

Plant’s fabrication range:

  • Horizontal and vertical tanks up to 20,000 m3
  • Vessels, process columns, reactors, water towers, flaring systems
  • Skid mounted equipment, modules, buildings
  • Racks, trusses, supports and piping 
  • of any complexity.

Products & Services


  1. Steel Structures to SNIP/EN/DIN/BS;
  2. Pipe Spools and Piping to SNIP/API/ASME ;
  3. Tanks to SNIP and ASME;
  4. Modular, Containerized and Skid Units;
  5. HVAC Ductwork (rectangular, round and spiral ducts).



  1. Engineering and Detailed Shop Drawings;
  2. 3D modeling;
  3. Raw Materials Supply and Vendor Management;
  4. Cutting, Drilling, Rolling and Bending;
  5. Welding to GOST/AWS/ASME;
  6. Shotblasting and Sandblasting and Anticorrosion Coating;
  7. Fireproofing;
  8. Packaging;
  9. Hot-Dip Galvanizing;
  10. Post Weld Heat Treatment;
  11. Certification;
  12. Project Management.


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