Workshop Fabricated Modules significantly reduce: volume of site construction activities at the fields and processing facilities; duration of well hook-up and start of the well production; schedules of turn-arounds associated with replacement of old and/or installation of new facilities in a Brownfield environment.

All this have beneficial effect both on client's cash-flow and on quality and safety of the works, minimize creation of construction waste onsite.

CCT Atyrau produces modules:

  • Full assembly of the module is executed near the installation point, finished module then transported to the facility with further setting up on foundations and hook-up
  • pre-assembled. Shop enlarged parts of module are assembled at site with further setting up on foundations and hook-up
  • in complete turnkey condition, including equipment installation and testing. Module requires setting up on foundations and hook-up only.

Upon client's request modules can be fabricated protected from noise, fire, blast, hazardous gases.